The fitness classes and the trails definitely made a very positive difference in my health and well‑being.

Park lover from Upper Dublin

Green shoots in a gray urban landscape.

Park visitor from Philadelphia

When municipalities invest in high-quality, clean, and safe parks and public spaces, a community becomes healthier, more livable, and more desirable.


For your own good

With all the good stuff you’ll find at your local parks, why are you not here?

We have paths and trails to wander on. Courts to play on. Morning yoga classes to find your zen. Playgrounds to create childhood memories. Lawns for family gatherings. And so much more. It’s all yours to enjoy — so put down the remote and join us for your own good!




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November is Native American Heritage Month – a month meant to give recognition to the contributions of Native Americans in the U.S. The month is for […]

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While scavengers in the wild are known for munching on dead things, they can also be considered resourceful – making use out of what is already […]


Give this a read, if you dare! Pennsylvania parks, forests, and other natural wonders are stunning and jam-packed full of history – some of that history […]

Road Trip

If my dog isn’t invited, I probably don’t want to go. I’m Rachel from Philadelphia and my Road Trip to Valley Green and Chestnut Hill opened […]

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It can be played indoor or outdoor, singles or double, with a racket or paddle, and nope – it isn’t tennis. Yep, you’ve guessed it. It’s […]


As PA Trails Month comes to an end, we’re reminded that trails are communal spaces – shared not only with other people, but with furry friends, […]