Be a Do-Gooder. Volunteer.

You’re probably thinking; why should I get involved with my local park and rec? The answer is clearly: why not? As a volunteer, there’s the satisfaction of helping others in your community, of course. If that isn’t enough, how about these:

Leadership Enhancement

Acquire top-notch leadership skills for personal and career advancement.

Outdoor Enjoyment

Spend ample time outdoors, toning muscles and tanning.

Social Circles Expansion

Improve your social circle, meet new faces, and connect.

Resume Boost

Add exciting experiences to your resume — exception: tiger taming.

“Okay, you convinced me. Now what?”

Most parks and recreation departments offer dozens of programs, classes, and opportunities for volunteers. You just have to reach out.

Other Ways To Help

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Use the Parks Finder

In other words, there are plenty of options.

Do Good for the kids

Recreation centers offer all sorts of safe and fun activities for the younger set during out-of-school time, including sports, arts, and homework help. If you have some skills you’d like to contribute, you may want to inquire about programming – or offer your ideas for a class of your own.

Note: To volunteer for a position at a playground or recreation center, you must receive background clearances.

Visit your local park and recreation website for information on volunteering. Individual parks may have their own process for interviewing and bringing on volunteers.

Click the link below for a list of local and county recreation and park agencies.